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What Makes Cōstal Boards Different?

What Makes Cōstal Boards Different?

Hey everyone, I'm writing this blog post because I get a lot of questions about our long boards so I thought I'd answer them here.

Where are your long boards made? 
Wakened Boards are hand-crafted here in California in small batches by our skilled artisan.

What kind of wood do you use for your skateboards and longboards?
We source our wood locally and use 3 main types -- walnut, cherry and maple. We hand pick each piece so that every board can have a distinct character with the best quality wood possible. Each piece of wood is unique in its tones and graining, making every board one-of-a-kind.

What sizes of long boards do you have?
We offer a few sizes our smallest board is 29 inches and from there it ranges from 36 inched to 42 inches. 

What styles of long boards do you offer?
We offer three different styles a classic cruiser style skateboard, fishtail style and a pintail style with the pintail style having two different lengths. 

Do you use grip tape on your skateboards and longboards?
Yes we use clear Lucid grip tape for all of our boards unless requested not to.

What else is in the works for Wakened Boards?
We have a lot of exciting things in the works from surfboards to apparel but just as we do at Wakened Collective, we focus on sustainability and made to do no harm. Each of our new releases will keep that ethos as the focal point and be made available in small batches.

What is Wakened Collective and its mission?
Wakened Collective is the company in which Wakened Boards was born from. At Wakened Collective, we focus on sustainably made goods for you and your home. Either made in America or through Fair Trade by one of our many skilled artisans worldwide. Each item sold donates 10% of proceeds to our charity partners. Which have a huge impact on lives across the globe and we are honored to support them. Feel free to check out Wakened Collective

Thanks for stopping by! As with all our products and our brand, you're not only buying a item for yourself -- you are buying an item that does good in the world. From the way it is made, to impact the donation has. Together we can make our world a better place.

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